Delete and restore Asbestos Samples

We have added a new button for Administrators who are working with Asbestos Records. The Delete button allows an Administrator to delete one or more Asbestos Samples.
Why do I need this feature? 
Deleting multiple Asbestos samples individually from the system may be time consuming so this feature allows an administrator to delete one or more samples in just a few seconds.
NB. It may be preferable to use Link and Archive when samples have been replaced by new survey results rather than deleting them.
How to Delete Asbestos Samples 
  • Firstly, use the search box or filter buttons at the top of the Asbestos Register (ACMs/ Non-ACMs etc) to find the sample or batch of samples you wish to delete.
  • If you wish to delete all sample entries in the register, simply ensure you are displaying everything in the register by using the Show ALL Entries dropdown at the bottom left of the register. 
  • Click on the red Delete button at the top of the Asbestos Register. The button will turn Orange to warn you are deleting your selection of samples.
  • You can then either choose to delete the samples one-by-one using the individual red Delete buttons found in the Admin column for each sample or simply click Delete All button at the top of the selection to delete all of your selection at once. 
  • You can then click the Close Deleting button to close the deleting feature.
  • You can at any point view your deleted samples by clicking the View Deleted button. Here you can re-instate any items you may have deleted by accident or are still required.