Linking and Archiving Asbestos Samples

We have added a new button for Administrators who are working with Asbestos Records. The "Link and Archive" button allows an Administrator to link two samples together and archive the older sample 'inside' the newer sample.
Why do I need this feature? 
An old asbestos survey that was conducted in the past has now been superceded by a new survey carried out by a different contractor but the two surveys have both identified some of the same asbestos samples. We now need to clean the asbestos register so that only the newest samples are displayed, but still retain the historical information as an archive. This avoids having duplicate sample records for the same ACMs from different surveys. 
How to Link and Archive
  • Firstly, decide what sample has been replaced (A) and what sample is replacing it (B)
  • Click on the "Link and Archive" button, it turns Orange to warn you are Linking and Archiving
  • In the Admin column you will notice a new button appears for each asbestos sample "Archive", click this button for the sample that is to be replaced (A). It will turn RED to indicate what is to be archived.
  • The other Archive buttons now change to "Place Archive"
  • Click this button for the asbestos sample that has replaced (B) the one marked for Archiving (A).
  • The system will now move the old sample(A) to the archive of the new sample (B).
Note The following administrative tasks will also be carried out:
  • The actions for the old sample (A) will be archived and then transferred to the new sample (B)
  • Any floor plan references (Asbestos Mapping) for the old sample (A) will be transferred to the new sample (B), the sample areas/ points may have differed between the two surveys these will need checking.
The Link and Archive process is now complete and can be repeated for the next pair of samples.